‘Bitch’ Looks Straight Up Insane

We are really looking forward to this super duper dark comedy from writer/director Marianna Palka about a mother pushed to the edge by her crappy family and also the patriarchy.  After all, who hasn’t been driven to act like a wild animal by their thankless kids and man-child spouse? Watch the trailer and feel empowered.

Get Out (Of Your Relationship)

You never know what someone is gonna be like once you’re actually in a relationship with them. Will they help you with the dishes? Will they be polite to your parents? Will they try to brainwash you into being a conservative zombie? You never can tell!

This Manchurian Candidate update/horror movie is brought to you by our faves over at RosaBaby.

2016 Was A Horror Show. No, Literally.

Freddy Krueger. Michael Myers. Jason Voorhees. All horror movie villains with a lower body count than the nightmare that was 2016. We lost pretty much every good celeb, plus a gorilla, and also maybe all our rights as women in America. So naturally, the buds over at Friend Dog Studios created a trailer for what 2016 might look like as a horror movie. And best of all, it stars our fave Anna Gillcrist.