Cofounded by Elizabeth Banks, WhoHaha is a digital platform whose goal is to shine a spotlight on funny women.


Co-founded by actress, director, producer and badass Elizabeth Banks, WhoHaha is on a mission to spotlight and support women in comedy. WhoHaha amplifies female voices by centering women in front of the camera, behind the scenes, and in the audience. Basically, we celebrate the “Who” behind the “Haha.”

WhoHaha’s wheelhouse is female-driven, female-created content. We bring smart, funny ideas to life by delivering the right content to the right audience, and by connecting creators, platforms, and partners. WhoHaha is your comedy matchmaker.

WhoHaha partners with brands, creators, and digital platforms to create funny, relevant content that reaches millions. We combine digital-first marketing expertise with production and development resources to create powerful campaigns that engage audiences through levity and humor.

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    Seize opportunities to spotlight your talents and grow your reach

    Access exclusive events, programs, and partnerships

    Earn money through strategic branded storytelling

    Work on a WhoHaha production with like-minded creators

    Pitch original projects or contribute to larger creative campaigns
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