We Can’t Wait To Watch ‘Brown Girls’

Honestly, we’ve already watched this trailer like six times over at WhoHaha HQ. The series is written and created by Fatimah Asghar and stars Nabila Hossain and Sonia Denis as Leila and Patricia, two 20-something women from different backgrounds navigating love and queerness and adulthood. Their friendship is the core of the show, and honestly we can already tell that this ode to lady love is gonna make us laugh and weep and think about life. You can watch the first few episode on the website now!

We Are Dying Of Excitement for ‘Feud’

DYYYYIIIIING. A trailer for the new mini-series from the team behind American Horror Story just came out, and it has literally everything we love. Crazy wigs, heartless directors, glorious costume jewelry. Not to mention that Bette Davis and Joan Crawford are being played by Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon. JESSICA LANGE AND SUSAN SARANDON. It’s gloriously campy and also looks like it’s gonna make some excellent points about the way older women are treated in Hollywood.

Seeso’s Having A Stand-Up Fest And It’s Gonna Be Amazing

Are you ready for an early Christmas present? For the next twelve weeks Seeso is gonna be posting new stand-up specials every Thursday, and they got some amazing comics to sign on. We’re talking Janeane Garofalo, we’re talking Jena Friedman, we’re talking Tyree Elaine, we’re talking 90 DANG COMEDIANS. They’re mostly exclusive to the streaming service, so you gotta sign up if you’re ready to get those giggles.

Plus, Seeso already has some amazing comedy specials available for subscribers, like Marriage Material from Cameron Esposito. And since it’s streaming, you can watch it on your laptop at work. Not that… we would do that or anything. Just hypothetically.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2 Is Almost Here!!

Let’s celebrate our favorite rom-com tv musical by blasting this magnificent new jam out of our computer speakers for all to hear!! Rebecca Bunch and the gang come back to your screens on Friday night, so they just released this little musical trailer for season 2 and it’s giving us abstract-symbolism-heavy LIFE. Can’t wait for this sexy fashion cactus to be back in action every week.

Hilarity via EW

Haters Beware, Miranda Has A TV Show Now

Miranda Sings is one of the internet’s greatest creations. She’s the high-strung, self-confident, talentless creation of the very talented Colleen Ballinger, and she’s been living on Youtube for years now. And now she has her own Netflix show! Starting today, you can watch Miranda on the big(ger) screen as she sings, dances, and sasses her way to stardom. Yay for weirdos everywhere!