The WhoHaha Podcast Round-Up

Welcome back to the great WhoHaha Podcast Round-Up, our running list of amazing women-hosted podcasts to check out. Whether you’re in to Star Trek, spooky young adult novels from the 90’s, being a parent, or learning about your own culture, these podcasts will make you feel like you’re hanging out with the coolest, funniest girls around. Find them on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, pretty much wherever you get podcasts!


Ethnically Ambiguous

Anna and Shereen are two Middle Eastern ladies living in America, and they have THOUGHTS. They’re funny, they’re smart as hell, and they bring their unique perspective to conversations on politics, race, and even ~sex stuff~. Their guests are fascinating, their rapport is off the charts, and Ethnically Ambiguous is basically your new favorite podcast. Have a listen.


Teen Creeps

Remember those books you guiltily read from inside your desk as a preteen and tried to hide from your mom? The ones where a girl named Cordelia is pursued by vampires or her murderous uncle or whatever? Girl, you know there’s a podcast about those. Comedians Kelly Nugent and Lindsay Katai discuss their treasured favorite YA pulp novels from their youth, and read the new wave of guilty pleasures for today’s teens.


Treks And The City

Veronica Osorio and Alice Wetterlund love Star Trek: Enterprise. And because they want to share that love with the world, they started a podcast where they watch every. single. episode. and discuss it with a hilarious guest. Their coverage of the episode is wacky, their banter is mind-blowing, and we wish we could hang out with them. Engage!


Learnt Up

Lorraine is a black person. Sarah is a Jewish person. Together, they’re learning all the things about both cultures that they somehow missed out on – the food, music, movies, and all the other things that define being black and Jewish in America. From kugel to T’Challa, nothing is off limits! The jokes are fresh, and you’re guaranteed to learn at least two things every episode.


Why Mommy Drinks

The title kind of says it all on this one. Betsy Stover and Amanda Allan bring on celebrity guests to discuss the things their children do that drive them to drink. Parenting is a non-stop shit show, but Amanda and Betsy’s infectious laughs and disgusting stories make it all seem worthwhile. Kinda.



Witches rejoice! Anna Valenzuela, Cindy Aravena, and Vanessa Gritton are a coven of hilarious latina comedians, and on Brujaja they cover everything from superstition to latino role models to machismo to anime. The show is super funny and also surprisingly tender and sweet, and feels like hanging with your occult bffs.

Badass Lady-Hosted Podcasts You Should Know About

It’s International Podcast Day! And while these international whatever days might be made up, our love for podcasts is oh so real. Especially when those podcasts are fronted and created by brilliant and funny women.

So what better occasion to round up a list of a few of our favorite lady-driven podcasts! Some of them we’ve featured before, some we can’t wait to feature in the future. All of them are pure comedy gold.


Lady To Lady

Lady to Lady is one of the first – and definitely still one of the greatest – comedian hosted podcasts out there. Each episode comics Brandie Posey, Barbara Gray and Tess Barker chat with another lady about lady problems, pop-culture, the news, and anything else that might affect a lady. Their chemistry is fire, and the show regularly makes us fall out of our chairs laughing.


2 Dope Queens

With hosts like Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams, 2 Dope Queens was bound to be a success. The hilarious comedians and writers talk dating and politics, feature other hilarious comics they love, and just generally let us in on their perfect friendship. It’s an absolute blast.


The Fixxx

Speaking of amazing friendships, we seriously wanna hang out with The Fixxx hosts Jenni Ruiza and Jesenia. The hysterical twosome talk about sex, give the inside scoop on the life of a comedian, and give only the hottest of takes on pop-culture. We love their dating advice and their verrry dirty jokes.


My Favorite Murder

Ok so at first glance murder and true-crime might not seem like the most hilarious topics for a podcast. But hosts Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark are so effortlessly funny together, and their senses of humor are so incredibly weird, that they make murder seem like a fun lil romp. My Favorite Murder is our favorite hour of the week.



Host Julia Meltzer interviews real life couples (and ex-couples, uh-oh) about their fights, makeups, and how it feels to be in love. Heavy stuff, but Julia and the guests are all comedians so it’s frequently pee-your-pants hilarious. Plus, we’re pretty sure Honey has made us all better girlfriends.


Bitch Sesh

This podcast from comedians Casey Wilson and Danielle Schneider breaks down episodes of The Real Housewives of Blankety Blank in the most hilarious possible way. Bitch Sesh is shallow D-list celebrity appreciation at it’s finest, and we love every second of it.


Call Your Girlfriend

If you don’t know about Call Your Girlfriend by now, you musta been living under a dang boulder. ‘Long distance besties’ Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman call each other every other week to talk current events, movies, feminism, and sometimes to 3rd party call another brilliant buddy. It’s like eavesdropping on convos between the coolest women you know.


Lizard People

Ever hungered for a comedy show about conspiracy theories? This quirky podcast from host Katelyn Hempstead is gonna hit the spot. Each week Hempsted and a guest discuss a new theory and along the way they talk celebrities, history, philosophy, vag jokes, and everything in between.


Black Girls Talking

This open format podcast covers everything from beauty products to Beyonce to writing for tv to being black in America. Hosts Alesia, Fatima, Ramou and Aurelia keep Black Girls Talking entirely real, while still making us snort-laugh at least five times per episode.


Can I Pet Your Dog?

CIPYD somehow created the kindest and most joyful corner of the internet. Hosts Renee Colvert and Allegra Ringo are dog-obsessed comedians who’ve found a community of like-minded sweethearts through their hysterical podcast. Segments like Mutt Minute and Hero Dogs keep the podcast varied, and the Instagram account is too cute for words.


Anna Faris Is Unqualified

Anna Faris might technically be unqualified to give relationship advice, but she’s wildly qualified to make us giggle. Each week her guests join her to give callers advice on love and sexy sex, and basically it’s like hanging out with Hollywood’s most fun and down-to-earth celebrities.

‘Can I Pet Your Dog’ Is Officially The Cutest Comedy Podcast

We are obsessed with Can I Pet Your Dog. Nearly as obsessed as the hosts are with meeting dogs! Allegra Ringo and Renee Colvert are two LA-based comedians who share a maybe-over-the-top love for all things pup-related. So they made a podcast about dogs!

Each episode features different segments, including Mutt Minute, Dogs We Met, Facebook Thread Of The Week, Drool School, and way more delightfully named lil puppy topics. Plus each week they feature a conversation with a hilarious dog-loving comedian, and past guests have included their producer Alexis Preston, Emily Axford, Julie Klausner, Nicole Byer, and LIN-MANUEL FREAKING MIRANDA.

Also the show is very clean, so if you have a kid who needs to be introduced to some dope ass comedy ladies, but you don’t want them to hear words like ‘dope’ and ‘ass’, this is the podcast for you!


Here’s the first episode with Lin-Manuel!

Here’s the ep with Nicole Byer!

And here’s the most recent episode!


So whatcha waiting for, go subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher, and then follow them on Facebook and Instagram! You won’t regret it.

2 Dope Queens: The Podcast You Need In Your Life

You know what’s great about podcasts? You get right up close to the brains of the creators for a whole hour. It’s like snuggling up to a nice warm puppy (that will also make you laugh).

Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams are two of our favorite hilarious puppies. And Team WhoHaha is obsessed with their podcast 2 Dope Queens for so many reasons: it’s funny af, they have amazing comedians of color as guests, their friendship is perfection, and in their words “a whole bunch of other shi*t” too.

Check out one of our favorite episodes, in which Phoebe and Jessica talk reparations, undies, peen, Brooklyn, and the hunt for true love. Then go subscribe because every episode is magic.


With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus Is The Comedy Podcast You Need In Your Life

Elizabeth Banks' Whohaha-Lauren Lapkus

You might recognize comedian Lauren Lapkus from Orange Is The New Black as sweet officer Susan Fischer, or from summer blockbuster Jurassic World as the equally adorable and charming Vivian. Homegirl is an absolute charm machine, and is an improviser (along with being a powerhouse actress) at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles.

She also hosts one of the most hilarious podcasts around – “With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus.” The super unique and funny podcast is great because with each episode, Lauren (who is actually the host of the show), plays the “special guest.” It’s a completely improvised podcast and she has some of the best comedians on as guests, including Paul F. Tompkins, Cameron Esposito, and Andy Daly. Check out a recent episode below and let your ears be happy.