Harvey Weinstein’s Apology: A Reaction

The lady writers of Late Night (aka our favorite humans on tv) got out there last night to react to Harvey Weinstein’s apology. In case you live under an extremely peaceful rock, Weinstein is a famous asshole who sexually harassed and assaulted young women for like 40 years and got away with it. He’s garbage, basically. And Amber, Ally, Jenny have some words for Weinstein. FUNNY WORDS

Quiz: Which Golden Girl Are You, Really?

Thank you for being a friend! No seriously, thank you. We here at WhoHaha appreciate each and every one of you, and as a token of our gratitude we made you this authoritative quiz to help you determine which Golden Girl you’re most like. And honestly? The result may shock you.

And if you’re celebrating the 32nd anniversary of the Golden Girls premiere like we are, make sure you send this quiz to your GG-obsessed friends too.

To The Ladies Of Dunder Mifflin

Ever had to babysit your male boss because he’s too busy hatching some harebrained scheme that’s just going to end up costing the company money? You might be every female employee ever. OR you might be one of the lovable ladies of Dunder Mifflin from The Office on NBC! Mo Polyak wrote and performed this tribute to Pam, Kelly, Donna, Jan, Meredith, Angela, and Phyllis, and the rest, and now we can’t stop humming it.