Dick Pics IRL

Isn’t wild how dudes who would never flash their genitals to a woman in public think it’s fine to do it via phone. Like what would happen if they actually had to deal with the consequences of their harassment? This fire sketch from Jennifer Levinson dares to ask that very question. And also brings his mom into the mix, because that’s what a bad bitch does.

The Week’s Funniest Tweets

Y’all, it’s starting to have that distinct ‘end of the world’ feeling out there. Natural disasters and political bullsh have us feeling like…

But at the end of the day, what unites us all and keeps us going is hilarious women making perfect internet jokes. So rest your weary heart with these insanely funny tweets.


















This Week’s Very Funniest Tweets

Raise your hand if you need a drink and a slice of cake pronto.

Yeah us too. But while we wait for the bars and all night diners to open, let’s reminisce on this insane week with the very best tweets from hilarious women.

















Infinite Jest Will Literally Kill You

Infinite Jest is the seminal novel that tells the tale of a dystopian future America, in which the upper classes OH GOD IT’S SO BORING we can’t even finish this sentence. Reading David Foster Wallace’s masterpiece almost killed us in college. And as one book club finds out in this genius sketch from Nadia Osman, the book isn’t just deadly dull – it’s plain old deadly.