Flossing Is Basically A Horror Movie

Why don’t they have commercials for floss? That simple question gave birth to one of the most terrifying horror films of our time. The gals of Aljeshira dared to ask the scariest question: who do you turn to when the monster in the mirror is… yourself??

Do You Have A Gross Female Body? Try a Tampon Cigar! (TM)

Are you a lady? Then whether you have ovaries or not, your body is yucky. And how dare you draw attention to the normal functioning of your internal organs by waving a tampon around!!! Luckily Richelle Meiss and the Circa Laughs team have invented the Tampon Cigar, a disgusting feminine product hidden inside a socially acceptable masculine package!

The Most Important Thing To Check When Buying A Car

There’s a lotta mystery involved in buying a used car. How new is the battery, has it been in any accidents, who’s been driving that sex machine straight to bone town? Luckily Mallory Arkin has the solution! CarFux will show you all the nasty acts that have ever been performed in a car. Do we even need to tell you that this is NSFW?

Female Viagra Is Here! And Of Course, It Blows.

Did you know that there’s already a lil pill on the market that they’re calling the female Viagra? It’s just like male Viagra! Except that it doesn’t work, makes you miserable, and is way more of a hassle to use. Y’know, like most products aimed at women. The dope dames of UCB sketch team Sancho created this way-too-honest drug ad about how pharma markets to women. And it ain’t pretty.

The Halloween Drinking Game That Ends Relationships

It’s a spooky time of year, y’all! Halloween brings out the ghosts, ghouls, and other things that start with g. But there’s nothing spooky-ookier than the prospect of making a lifelong commitment to someone you don’t respect.

Writer Jill Cepela has a created a monstrously funny sketch about how easily drinking games can ruin relationships. It’s too funny, and way too real.