Bye Bye Vine ?

Vine is dying and it’s breaking our hearts. This is worse than getting your period in white pants onstage in front of the president and also World War III is happening.

But seriously, we’re gonna miss those six second moments of glory so much. No other app can compare. But instead of wallowing let’s take a moment to remember the good times, when adorable kids danced around and hilarious women did insane characters in endless loops!


#HashItOut with Franchesca Ramsey: Beyoncé & Piers Morgan

To nobody’s surprise, Piers Morgan had some major issues with Beyoncé’s visual album, Lemonade. Watch as The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore writer/queen/comedian/incredible human Franchesca Ramsey breaks down Piers’ tweets and then sips some lemonade like a boss.

The New Tinder App – DONGHER!

“From the makers of Tinder, here comes a new App for the modern dating world: Dongher!”

From the broads of Berry Sanders, we bring you a dystopian nightmare where dongs float through the air and bump women’s heads in the middle of business presentations. It’s basically a Tinder bros paradise. *shudders*

The “Formation” Dancer Auditions Beyoncé Hasn’t Seen

Hart’s latest sketch is everyone’s gravest fear: Beyoncé in the middle of a crisis. HELL. NO. But we can rest easy in our panic, for Hart is coming to Queen Bee’s rescue. Since all of Beyoncé’s dancers have mysteriously gone missing the day before the Formation Tour begins, it’s up to Hart to find the best dancers to fill in. She does not disappoint.