I Love Your Soul (I Think You’re HOT)

Shopping for a man in LA is rough. Half the men in this town are crazy, not that hot, and not interested in you. Where can you go to find HOT, sensitive, and possibly easy to manipulate men? Luckily for us all, Tara and Jules have cracked the code on the best way to find a man. Check out this hilarious sketch, CON ACTORS, written & directed by Mackenzie Ogden, produced by Mackenzie Ogden & Alex Owens-Sarno, and starring Mackenzie Ogden, Alex Owens-Sarno, Zoë Papia, and Lauren Letherer.

WhoHaha is a place for women+ to come together and create hilarious works! Our community allows for filmmakers to source women+ crew and talent through our Collabs. In honor of the community coming together, we are now starting a new series, Powered by WhoHaha Creators. This post is officially launching a new video program displaying works created from community collaborations.  CON ACTORS was edited by WhoHaha Community member Xenia Leblanc and filmed by WhoHaha Community member Alyssa Renzi.

If you have made a sketch sourcing collaborators through a Community Opportunity then we would love to see your work! You can submit your video here.