Terms of Submission

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Terms of Submission

By submitting any content or ideas (“Submissions”) to WhoHaha, LLC (“WhoHaha”), you agree to the following terms:  


  1. WhoHaha is under no obligation of confidentiality or non-disclosure with respect to any Submissions, nor is WhoHaha obligated to use your Submission in any manner.
  2. You acknowledge that WhoHaha may now or in the future develop content or ideas that are similar or identical to your Submissions.  Accordingly, nothing in this agreement will be construed as a representation or agreement that WhoHaha will not develop content that is similar or identical to or competes with your Submission.
  3. You acknowledge that nothing herein shall obligate WhoHaha to proceed with any transaction or enter into any agreement with you as a result of the Submissions.
  4. You represent and warrant that you have all necessary rights to submit or otherwise present your Submissions to WhoHaha, and you hereby grant WhoHaha the right to use, display, reproduce and create derivative works of the Submissions for internal evaluation purposes.
  5. These Submission Terms are part of the Terms of Use set forth separately on WhoHaha.com and incorporated herein by reference.
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