Get Out (Of Your Relationship)

You never know what someone is gonna be like once you’re actually in a relationship with them. Will they help you with the dishes? Will they be polite to your parents? Will they try to brainwash you into being a conservative zombie? You never can tell!

This Manchurian Candidate update/horror movie is brought to you by our faves over at RosaBaby.


The fifth season of the show that redefined tv is here and we are NOT ready for it. Last season took a real turn and this one looks like it’s going to crank up the drama to 11. Start stocking up on tissues and xanax now, y’all.

‘Ingrid Goes West’ Looks Amaaaazing

Y’all, this movie is gonna be straight up crazy. Aubrey Plaza stars in this tale of Instagram culture gone wild and it looks like there’s gonna be tears, hashtags, and freakin pepper spray to the face. We were born ready for this film.

2016 Was A Horror Show. No, Literally.

Freddy Krueger. Michael Myers. Jason Voorhees. All horror movie villains with a lower body count than the nightmare that was 2016. We lost pretty much every good celeb, plus a gorilla, and also maybe all our rights as women in America. So naturally, the buds over at Friend Dog Studios created a trailer for what 2016 might look like as a horror movie. And best of all, it stars our fave Anna Gillcrist.

How To Beat The Awkward Holiday Pauses

Ah, the joys of family. Cooking, laughing, talking about… oh shit. What are we going to talk about? Can’t do politics, can’t do personal life, 100% for sure can not do current affairs. Luckily for you and your low key racist extended family, the ladies of Moll&Rell created a guide to filling the dead air created during awkward holiday pauses.

This bad boy features the talents of Arielle Siegel, Molly Anne Coogan, Mallory Portnoy, Genesis Oliver, Alex Grubbs, and Matt Ziegel with Chris Metcalfe behind the camera.