That Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Finale Changed Lives

Seriously WHAT just happened. No spoilers, but like DAMN REBECCA. This show packed an entire season worth of plot twists into the last two episodes, and we are def still reeling. But while we wait for this season to hit Netflix so we can binge it over and over until season 3 starts, let’s all watch the Rebecca reprise that made us laugh, cry, and feel ALL the feelings.

We’re Here For Emma Stone On SNL

If you were worried Emma wouldn’t kill in on Saturday night, well, you’re a fool. OF COURSE she about killed us dead with laughter, and OF COURSE they made her do a high school theatre sketch. This ep was definitely not afraid to experiment, and yeah not every sketch was perfect this week, but it was definitely dominated by the ladies.

So yeah duh of course we had to start with the candle song. Emma, Aidy and Kate all celebrate the magical candle that everyone has at some point given as a last minute gift. And they do it in high-90’s soft focus fur glamour.


Then of course there’s the theatre show. Every time they do one of these we’re like ‘eh do we need another’ and then every time we’re like ‘HOLY CRAP YES THIS IS AMAZING’. Emma’s little weird genderless pixie cut is truly every theatre teen.


Finally, we need to talk about the well sketch. This one’s for all the sensitive boys, and the moms who get them. But it’s also for anyone who’s ever longed for a well to whisper secrets to, and we’re pretty sure that applies to anyone reading this website. Here’s to you, bbs.


And by the way? This holiday season, don’t forget to give the candle.

No Straws? NO STRAWS?!?!

What’s that one quote about how civilization is like two missed meals away from totally collapsing? Well when you’re a woman and your face is supposed to look perfect all the damn time, what’s really keeping you from burning everything to the ground is straws. Yep, straws. This sketch from Elizabeth Cheviot and Nightpantz shows the terrible consequences of an office running out of those little plastic tubes.

The Most Important Thing To Check When Buying A Car

There’s a lotta mystery involved in buying a used car. How new is the battery, has it been in any accidents, who’s been driving that sex machine straight to bone town? Luckily Mallory Arkin has the solution! CarFux will show you all the nasty acts that have ever been performed in a car. Do we even need to tell you that this is NSFW?

The Only Store That Understands Your Weird Body!

Team, is it just us or has SNL gotten weirder this season? And when we say weirder, we mean better. It’s not just the political sketches – the writing is sharper and more surprising and also even more feminasty than last year. For example, this super strange and dumb funny sketch about commercials aimed at women. We’re all CHONK, ladies. We’re all… CHONK.