Powered By WhoHaha Creators | Podcast Edition | Spring 2021

Are you in search of more podcasts made by hilarious creators? Then we have got a barrel of recommendations for you! Check out these hilarious podcast episodes from our WhoHaha Community members featuring even more WhoHaha Community members. You will fall in love with these podcast episodes, we know we did!


Crying Behind Sunglasses – Keila Dolle

Are you curious about mental health and all its complexities? Keila Dolle has an amazing podcast called Crying Behind Sunglasses that explores mental health with her fantastic guests. In this episode, Keila sits down with hilarious performer and fellow WhoHaha Community Member, Anastasia Washington. Keila and Anastasia have a meaningful conversation about friendship, body image issues, being multiracial in the industry, and having OCD. Tune into this great episode here




Near and Queer to My Heart – Amanda Golob

Looking to learn more about Queer performers? Amanda Golob has a beautiful podcast called Near and Queer to My Heart, where she interviews and gets to know queer artists. In this episode, Amanda talks with the charming actress and filmmaker, Ella Lentini, about growing up with immigrant parents, creating authentic roles for Latinx characters, and coming out to her religious family. Be sure to listen in here






F**** You, I’m Smarter – Lindsey Gentile & Kelly Wallace-Barnhill

Do you really think you’re smart? Lindsey Gentile and Kelly Wallace-Barnhill are game to find out in the trivia and interview show, F*** You, I’m Smarter. In this episode, Lindsey and Kelly chat with Casey Gates Frey about her production company, Lady Brains Films, share how they actually saw her get married, read from their diaries, and quiz her on ladies’ brains, WhoHaha, and zombie scenarios. You won’t want to miss this one here





You Can Do It with Bri Pruett – Bri Pruett

Need a pep talk? Then you should check out the hilarious comic, Bri Pruett, as she sits down with your favorite performers and gives them a much-needed pick-me-up speech in her show, You Can Do It with Bri Pruett! Bri joins comedian, and fellow WhoHaha Community Member, Kelly Reilly, as they commiserate about pandemic loneliness, trying to be understanding of people who break quarantine, and the throws of dating in this time. Bri then gives her a heartwarming speech and some ideas of what to do safely in quarantine. Get on it here




Rhythm & Bae with Jasmine Ellis – Jasmine Ellis

Do you ever associate songs with life transitions? Jasmine Ellis sits down with industry favorites and learns about the big moments in their journey and what songs they feel attached to.  In this episode, Jasmine chats with comedian, and fellow WhoHaha Community Member, Bri Pruett. They talk about how AC Hammer spreads the wealth, how karaoke is actually soothing, and Bri even treats us to some Bonnie Raitt a la a cappella. You can enjoy the episode here!




We Stan Together – Lauren Brickman 

Lauren Brickman and her co-host, Caitlin Bitzegaio run a show that is all about the stans (fans) called We Stan Together! In this episode, Lauren and Caitlin invite a panel of Madonna lovers, along with fellow WhoHaha Community member, Heather Turman, to talk about all things Madonna and even test their ability to recognize Madonna’s music and trivia! Did you know there is beef between Madonna and Cher? And that Rosie and Madonna are still friends? This is a super fun episode so be sure to listen in here




Ad Wizards – Aviva Siegel 

Do you have ad jingles in your head from the 2000’s? You are not alone. Aviva Siegel and her co-host Land Smith-Abbinante, have a show dedicated to breaking down unforgettable ad music! In this episode, Aviva and her co-host, get their jingle singing on with fellow WhoHaha Community Member, Kate Elston. They talk about musical compilation ads of CD’s and cassettes featuring Enya, Punk, and strange chanting. Tune in here





Dear Food – Ashley Chaney

If you love to hear about new dishes and the stories behind them, then this podcast is for you! Ashley Caney has a show called Dear Food where she interviews people about foods they love and hold dear. In this special holiday episode, Ashley chats with fellow WhoHaha Community Members Anastasia Washington, Jasmine Ellis, and Jessica Munna. Check out this fun and festive episode here