Merry Christmas, Will Byers

Alright it’s after Thanksgiving, let the holiday comedy begin. Our forever woman crush Leigh Lahav co-wrote and animated this amazing tribute to Charlie Brown and Stranger Things with collaborator Oren Mendez, and it’s just everything we like in one dark festive package.

Oh also the pint-size voice actors are Alex Jebb Quine, Dylan Neumeyer, Nicholas Polley, and Rylan Bailey. At their age we were pretty much only good for opening up Otter-Pops wrong, honestly mad that they’re that talented.

Aidy Bryant and Brie Larson Just Taught Us How To Love (And Dance)

SNL is killing it so hard lately that they had to cut this sketch for time. Which is ridic, because it’s gonna make you spit old-timey pioneer cider all over your keyboard. Aidy and Brie are magic together.

Also why did this make us miss the 90’s so bad?

Voting Is Cool! Unless You’re A Woman >:(

Gee howdy, it’s tough to be a girl! Especially in a silent movie where men smush their hands in your face to keep you from voting! Blessed Comedy brings us the timeless and totally historically accurate tale of the first woman ever to vote. Exercise those civil rights today, even if the man tries to keep you down.