When Everything’s A Shooting

This sketch is so funny it makes us want to hide under our blankets and sob for the rest of the afternoon. Which is probably what good satire should do? Writer Kerry McGuire and director David Zwick imagined how we’re all going to live a couple years from now when mass shootings are just another fact of life, like rain or traffic or the sheer mind-numbing terror of not knowing if your loved ones are going to come home safe at the end of the day. Y’know, the usual.

Meet The Tiny Child You’re Gonna Marry!

When Amy and Tina get together in an SNL sketch, it’s like a thousand baby angels giving butterfly kisses to a bathtub full of puppies. And when it’s a sketch that spits this much feminist fire, it’s life changing.

Enjoy them hosting the game show Meet Your Second Wife, where married men meet the way-too-young women who will someday become their second wives. Plus bonus appearance from Leslie Jones, Aidy Bryant and Vanessa Bayer!