Emilia Clarke is Friggin Hilarious

Emilia Clarke doesn’t get a lot of opportunities to be funny playing Daenerys on Game of Thrones. Which is a crying damn shame if you ask us, because the woman is so so funny. She shines in interviews and she slays in sketches, and we’re 100% ready for her to host SNL and be in every buddy comedy movie. She’s gonna be the Khaleesi of Comedy someday, and while we wait for that to happen let’s all watch this playlist of a few of her greatest moments.

Stop Everything, There’s a British Buffy

Ok let’s be fair, it’s not just a British Buffy. It’s called Crazyhead, and it’s like if Girls met Buffy met Difficult People and they all raised a hilarious baby together. But whatever, it’s badass women fighting demons and learning the meaning of friendship and it’s everything we ever wanted in a TV show. The trailer is honestly so exciting. If you’re lucky enough to live in the UK or have access to E4, can we come over and watch it at your house every week?

Women In Commercials Are Bonkers

3 serious lawyers. The case of a lifetime. International human rights in the balance. The smooth dreaminess of triple churned milk chocolate. Wait hold up what?

The brilliant weirdos behind sketch team Massive Dad have nailed the strangeness of women in commercials. Ads would have you all believe we’re either horny animals rubbing coffee cups against our boobs, or adorable neutered child-women prancing around shitting rainbows and probiotics. Or some even more horrifying combo of the two. Y’all, sometimes a chocolate bar is just a chocolate bar.

Well That’s One Way To Get Equal Pay

This sketch is short, sweet, and absolutely savage. In a world where women STILL get 77 cents on the dollar, maybe Honest Monster is right about what we really need to get equal respect and equal pay.

Brb gotta hit up a sex shop and then our boss’ office.

Tilda’s Coconut Curry Clone. Chicken. Chicken Clone.

But seriously, who doesn’t like to open up a greeting card full of broccoli florets!

From weirdo genius Beth Hoyt, we bring you a fun whimsical recipe created by the British forest elf known to humans as Tilda Swinton. Don’t forget the sugar snap PEEEEEEEAS!