It’s Purim! Let’s Talk About Suffering.

Yes, the Jewish Halloween is nigh, and everyone’s getting geared up to put on costumes and get schicker. But if there’s one thing that every Jewish holiday incorporates, it’s forcing you to remember all the times our people suffered! So grab a couple  hamentaschen and a shot, and dance along to this MAGNIFICENT number from Crazy-Ex Girlfriend featuring Tovah Feldshuh and Patti Lu-freakin-Pone.

Christina Applegate Is A Legend

She sings. She dances. She’s funny and tough as hell. Christina Applegate is pretty much everything we want to grow up to be, and also she apparently doesn’t age. Has anyone considered the possibility that she might be a perfect bionic robot or something?? Regardless, she’s our hero and we put together a bunch of our favorite Christina clips to celebrate our favorite Broadway babe.

You Gotta Stand By Your Hand

Finally, a country song we can really get behind. The visionary weirdos of sketch team Uncle Garbage have written a ballad about the truest kind of love – the love between a woman and her hand. It made us cry with laughter. You really need to watch the whole thing all the way to the end.

*Also this is so unbelievably NSFW, but only because we live in a cruel cold world where you’re not supposed to talk about rubbing one out in the workplace.

This Sherlock Parody Has Us Cry-Laughing

If you’re not already up on the greatness of The Hillywood Show, today is gonna be a really good day for you. Sisters Hanna and Hilly Hindi make hilarious song and dance parodies of tv shows and movies, and just generally slay all day on Youtube. This Sherlock/Macklemore mash-up combines all of our guilty pleasures in one delicious smoothie of comedy.

Also?  The production values on this are just ridiculous, someone please give these women all the money so they can make a movie already.