Yesssss: More Jokes Seth Can’t Tell

Kwanzaa! Lesbian nuns! Black Santa! Just a few of the very funny subjects that straight white guys don’t really need to tell us their opinion on. We truly can not get enough of this segment where Amber Ruffin and Jenny Hagel come on Late Night to tell the jokes that Seth Meyers isn’t allowed to. It’s probably our favorite 4 minutes of late night tv every single time it’s on.

The Corden Sisters Are America’s Sweethearts Now

James Corden is the Corden sibling with the hoity toity Hollywood career. But it turns out his sisters are just as naturally hilarious. The NFL is having some big London spirals-and-crumpets type of situation, and The Late Late Show sent Andrea and Ruth Corden into the fray. And also into the men’s locker room. They had us (and a bunch of big old linebackers) just peeing with laughter. Look out America, there are two new British cuties here to steal our hearts.

Quiz: Which Of These Bummed Out Political Rally Goers Are You?

We combed through hundreds (millions!) of pictures of political rallies to find the most bummed, stressed, devastated, bored attendees. Then we wrote up this quiz to help you learn which one best represents you. Will you be Sad Stein Glasses Guy? Or Heartbroken Cruz Mom? Only the quiz can tell…


Woman Crush Wednesday: Aubrey Plaza

Aubrey Plaza’s Twitter handle is @evilhag. That’s already enough to make us love her forever, but she’s also a total weirdo badass who doesn’t care what anyone in Hollywood thinks of her and just goes ahead and makes things she thinks are funny. Thank Satan for this wonderful woman.