What Are British People Saying, Even?

Supposedly people from the UK and people from the US speak the same language. But you would seriously never know it from how British people talk. What is a tight arse? How do you do a cheeky nandos? How come everything rhymes? For a helpful translation we turn now to the Zak sisters, who illuminate many of the mysteries of Limey slang in this quick and funny sketch. Also apparently they don’t call themselves Limeys?

So Are You Watching ‘Chewing Gum’???

Because we are DYING waiting for season 2 to hit Netflix. The show stars creator Michaela Coel as a super-religious, sex obsessed weirdo who longs for more excitement in her life. It is so filthy and so so funny.

Also we just found out that in the UK they call seasons ‘series’ and that’s just so adorably British.

The Corden Sisters Are America’s Sweethearts Now

James Corden is the Corden sibling with the hoity toity Hollywood career. But it turns out his sisters are just as naturally hilarious. The NFL is having some big London spirals-and-crumpets type of situation, and The Late Late Show sent Andrea and Ruth Corden into the fray. And also into the men’s locker room. They had us (and a bunch of big old linebackers) just peeing with laughter. Look out America, there are two new British cuties here to steal our hearts.

Stop Everything, There’s a British Buffy

Ok let’s be fair, it’s not just a British Buffy. It’s called Crazyhead, and it’s like if Girls met Buffy met Difficult People and they all raised a hilarious baby together. But whatever, it’s badass women fighting demons and learning the meaning of friendship and it’s everything we ever wanted in a TV show. The trailer is honestly so exciting. If you’re lucky enough to live in the UK or have access to E4, can we come over and watch it at your house every week?

Hey… Are Fairies Real Tho?

We all went through a fairy phase, right? Except maybe the ones who went through a horse phase. Or who knows, maybe you went through like a cheese phase or whatever. Anyway the point is, fairies are cool as shit and it would be so magical to believe they’re real.

Well in this episode of the British version of Drunk History, Charlotte Ritchie tells the tale of the Cottingley Fairies aka one of the coolest hoaxes in history that was perpetrated by two little girls. Dope. Also, this episode features the magnificent hilarious Catherine Tate, who’s a gift from god to all the world.