TBT: Maya Rudolph Does Maya Angelou

Honestly, this will forever be one of Saturday Night Live’s greatest sketches. Maya Rudolph’s Maya Angelou impression has us weeping with laughter, and wishing that this was a real show. Who knew that such a complicated and brilliant woman could so thoroughly own Morgan Freeman?

Natalie’s Rap Part 2: Uncensored

FINALLY! We waited 12 years for the follow-up to Natalie Portman’s epic and terrifying SNL rap, then we waited like another month for the uncensored version. And now IT’S HERE. Listen to Kween Natalie rap about motherhood, switchblade dildos, being married to a ballerino, and of course, tide pods. So much glorious swearing.

Tiffany Haddish Is Hosting SNL ???

Praise the comedy goddesses, all our dreams are coming true. This Saturday night, Tiffany Haddish becomes the first ever black woman comedian to host SNL (which… wtf), and probably honestly our favorite host ever. And in this little promo with baby Aidy, Tiffany basically promises that all bets are off and all buttons are gonna get pushed.

The Best From Brie Larson Hosting “Saturday Night Live”

To absolutely nobody’s surprise, Brie Larson killed it this weekend as the host of Saturday Night Live. It’s impossible to pick a favorite moment, but this sketch about the infamous “mom haircut” was definitely a highlight.

There was also this hilarious sketch about the pacing issues of that much awaited Jon Snow scene from last week’s Game of Thrones:

YAAAS. So. True. Let’s be honest, it’s what we were all thinking the entire time we watched it.

But how about this brilliant parody Barbie commercial? Ummm, yes.

Apparently, “President Barbie” just isn’t a hit with kids these days. WHOOPS.


Kate McKinnon is back as our favorite character who just can’t catch a break with her less than pleasant alien abduction.

Brie was amazing, but did anyone think otherwise?! A queen is a queen and Brie will always have our hearts.

Celebrate Mother’s Day With SNL’s MOM JEANS!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so let’s celebrate with this favorite Saturday Night Live sketch about Mom Jeans. This is hands-down one of our faves from SNL. These ladies can work a pair of high-waisted pants like no other.