I Am The BEAUTIFUL One And My Sister Is UGLY

Sisters are annoying, I have personally thrown a blender top at my sister for calling me a slur. It’s especially hard when everyone calls your sister the beautiful one, what does that make me?!

Can you imagine having to hang with your sister all the time and be cast out by society because your dad committed treason? No, don’t look up Ivanka and Tiffany, we aren’t talking about them this time. Jamie Loftus, a comedian Forbes had deemed too strange to look away from, has crafted a hilarious scene of the Rasputin children trying to live in Siberia after exile. Who is truly the beautiful one? Should we address Chloe as the bastard or call her, her name, Chloe? Does a school bus come to their Siberia house? Enjoy the first episode of the Rasputinas to find out!