Ain’t No Party Like An LA Party Because An LA Party Is STRESSFUL.

Rory Uphold shows us exactly what a Los Angeles house party entails….and we’re a little afraid. It’s too intense! Is that music or a UFO landing? Too loud! Too loud! But seriously…while it is important to be a thoughtful guest when attending parties, maybe leave the cookies at home?


Dating In Los Angeles Is The Absolute Worst

You know it’s a good day when the latest episode of HelLA comes out. Rory Uphold depicts the very real horror of dating in Los Angeles, which calls for a collective shudder. *shudder*

Rory also reminds us of a very important fact: no matter how cute someone is, if they live more than a few miles away IT IS NOT WORTH IT. REPEAT: NOT. WORTH. IT.

Dermatologists In Los Angeles Are The Worst

Rory Uphold has been killing it with season 2 of her web series, “Only In HelLA.” In this episode, Rory is offered some botox from her dermatologist, because you know, that’s just typical life in Los Angeles. Also, anybody else geeking out hard over the guest appearance of Amanda Schull? Our obsession with “Center Stage” has suddenly come back in FULL. FORCE.


Kale Me Now: The “Organic” Shopping Struggle

If you’re a kale-loving, almond milk-drinking, Whole Foods-shopping Los Angeleno, this scenario will look pretty familiar to you.

When you hit the point at which you’ve eaten takeout while marathoning Netflix more nights of the week than you’d like, it’s time to bite the bullet and head to the grocery store. It’s a simple in and out trip… unless you get accosted before you can even make it inside. When you spend more money saving the whales than you did on your organic produce, you become a true, card-carrying Southern Californian. Congratulations!