Jasmine’s Carpet Matches The Drapes But Aladdin CANNOT Ride!

We have been celebrating the remake and live action version of “Aladdin”, but has anyone thought to reimagine Jasmine’s story? Are we expected to believe that Jasmine, who is smart enough to not throw her life away on just any man, would climb onto Aladdin’s free falling – STD ridden – carpet? She has way more sense than that!

Luckily for women everywhere, Kristal Adams brings us a TLC music parody titled “No Rugs”. Get your nostalgia on as we see a retelling of the “No Scrubs” music video against the backdrop of images from the original Disney’s “Aladdin”(the best one! I might add)! So save yourself some money, curl up, and check out the preview for Kristal Adams’ awesome video- then check out her full video here.