Happy Holidays! Here’s Some Expensive Crap!

There’s nothing like opening a thoughtful holiday gift! But there’s also nothing quite like opening a gift that makes you realize that your husband or boyfriend knows literally nothing about you. Enter those stupid expensive charm bracelets from the mall. This SNL sketch really captures that moment when you realize he spent eighty bucks on a tiny metal lipstick tube on a chain.

Every Excuse For Not Hanging Out With Friends

Everyone is always talking about FOMO.  But what about JOMO, the joy of missing out on social events and staying on your couch eating a whole can of pringles instead? When you just like really need the night to yourself (or afternoon or whole weekend), why not try out these excuses from the devious mind of Chelsea Dallas Falato?

Leslie Knope Is All Of Us On A Monday

We all love Leslie Knope for her eternal optimism and the way she spreads sunshine through bureaucracy. But maybe the most lovable thing about Leslie is how much she f*cking hates Mondays. Join us and Les as we shit talk our way through the worst day of the week.

No More 24 Hour Birthday Parties

You know what we’re very much over? This thing that’s happening lately where someone does 45 damn activities for their birthday. We can’t make it to brunch AND ice skating AND tapas AND drinks AND the drag show AND salsa dancing, ASHLEY. Luckily the writers of Tiny Fantasies – aka Sydney Nikols and Maggie Monahan – are here to set these birthday divas straight (in their minds).

A Pretty Princess Makeup Vlog!

Being a princess is every little girl’s dream! The fancy dresses, the power, the constant cholera and lead poisoning. Oh what’s that, you didn’t know that in the days of princesses they used to powder their faces with lead and drink poop water? This magical princess vlog from Emily Clouse gets a little too real about the monarchy.

When Is Hollywood Going To Support White Actors?!

Hollywood has a diversity problem. Too much of it!! White actors are always getting undermined and losing roles to actors of color. Poor little white children have no heroes to look up to.

Hahahahahah just kidding, every single dang role ends up played by a white actor. But this perfect piece of satire from Atsuko Okatsuka imagines what it would be like if Hollywood’s white washing were flipped.