Kathy Griffin Is A Treasure

Big Griff has a lot of material on being on the Hollywood D-list. She even had a whole reality tv show about being a minor celeb. But she’s also one of the women who blazed a trail for bad bitches in comedy. She was doing dark, messed-up material long before anyone let women on tv be anti-heros, and she’s always been unapologetically herself. And that makes her an A-list badass in our book. So sit back, relax, and let these Kathy clips take you up up and away.

Let’s Celebrate Allison Janney!

We wish Allison Janney was in every movie and on every tv show. You might think that’s an exaggeration but honestly, can you think of one film that wouldn’t be improved by adding Allison Janney? One show that couldn’t stand a dose of the Jannster? Yeah nah didn’t think so. She’s a wildly talented actor, funny as hell, and honestly seems like she’s really fun to hang out with. Plus, she makes us feel so calm when she’s on screen. So go watch her on Mom tonight, and watch our playlist of some of her greatest hits. Hooray for Allison!