Trump Inspired Pussy Masterpieces

Donald Trump’s candidacy has been very bad for America. People are spouting all kindsa racist bullsh, actual KKK members are swaggering around like they own the place, and women’s right to vote is apparently now on shaky ground (at least according to Twitter). But if there’s one tiny silver lining that has come out of Trump and his pussy-grabbing ways, it’s a ton of unbelievably funny feminist comedy. So here, for your entertainment and education, are our favorite Trump-inspired pussy-power comedy videos. Ya welcome.

First, courtesy of the geniuses of Honest Monster, women tell their most fun and heartwarming pussy grabbing stories:


Next, our girl Davison painted some gorgeous pussy portraits of Trump. No, not portraits of a hypothetical Trump pussy, it’s the other way around.


Of course since pussy grabbing is apparently on the rise, you’re gonna want to prep with some pussy-grab self defense moves.


And finally, the president of comedy Samantha Bee takes it home with a sum-up of the pussy furor that’s swept the nation the last couple of days.

Whew, that was so much comedy it’s exhausting! We’re gonna grab our pussies and get outta here for some well deserved r&r. See you babes for The Donald’s next horrifying comment!


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