NY vs LA: The Age Old Debate

The feeling of leaving New York for Los Angeles is unforgettable. The sunshine! The friendliness! The AVOCADOS!!! It’s easy to think that you finally found paradise. And then you realize that every single person you meet is grabbing a quick cold pressed juice between yoga and their audition class, and it all comes crashing down.

This is only ep 1 of the series Misery Loves Company from geniuses Sara Amini and Emily C. Chang, so don’t forget to watch the rest!

Weekly Roundup Of The Funniest Dang Tweets

There should be a new word for how we’re feeling these days. Hopeful/angry/baffled = hangled? Anyway, when you’re ready for a break from all the craziness, these tweets are here for you. Take a lil laugh break, huh?


And we as well do not intend to.


… we kinda wish?


Oh little buddy.

‘The blood doesn’t come out of the same place as the pee?’ – every bro.


Yum yum yum everything is garbage!


Lock up your nuts, because we’re marching straight over to burn down the patriarchy.


How convenient!


Yeah maybe both those American heroes didn’t know, ok?!?


Oh god we can’t stop laughing at this.


Do whatever it takes to get through to your reps and don’t stop doing it.


Who would have thought a bunch of dicks would grow up to be a bunch of dicks. Huh!


Shoutout to all the rude baristas and ghosting Tinder dates for staying on-brand.


Go ahead and call the mortician because we are dead.


May the strength of our pettiness see us all through these dark times.


We’ve got snacks!

True Love Ain’t Pretty

Diamonds are so 2010. These brides know that real love is out-weirding the weirdest possible engagement ring.

This sketch comes to you from the psycho geniuses of Aljeshira, aka Alex Harris, Jen Bild, and Shira Selkovits. They’re the greatest, tbh.

Why Is Buying Plan B So Damn Hard??

America has it pretty good with funny women. In fact we have a whole website chock full of hilarious ladies who are mostly from the US right here. But there’s an amazing all-woman sketch show in New Zealand that’s creating some of the saltiest comedy in the world, and we can’t get enough of them. One of our fave sketches from Funny Girls is all about our favorite topic, birth control! Yeah this is pretty much how it goes every time we hit up the CVS.

ICYMI: Funny Women Slayed The Emmys

Ok so in case you were under a rock last night, the Emmys were 100% about the women this year. Veep took home the award for best comedy series and Julia Louis-Dreyfus won for best actress in a comedy, Tatiana Maslany won for best actress in a drama but she’s hilarious so we’re counting it as a win for funny ladies, Jill Soloway took home the comedy directing honors, and Tina and Amy had to split an award. Plus as an extra bonus, #EmmysAren’tAsWhiteAsTheyUsedToBe and that’s a good thing for errybody.

We put together a few of our favorite moments from the comedy queens who won the night, whether they took home a statue or not. Feeling like a bunch of proud younger sisters right now, tbh.


Amy and Tina were two halves of the same heart as always:


Tatiana Maslany did the world’s sweetest interview:


Julia Louis-Dreyfus took us from laughing at her amazing social satire to ugly crying for her loss in RECORD time:


And Ellie Kemper told the story of a fight between a man and a bus: