Avant Guardians Is Your New Favorite Web Series

We are obsessed. We are in love. Avant Guardians is the story of a guardian angel forced to go to therapy, her 12 year old charge (who’s also going to be the president), and of course her therapist. It’s funny, it’s brilliant, and we’re huge fans of creator Alesia Etinoff. Watch, laugh, learn.

TBT: Leslie Jones’ Stand-Up Special Is Wild

How rad is it that SNL finally figured out what to do with Leslie Jones??? She has been absolutely murdering it this season, but that’s no surprise to anybody who followed her stand-up career. Case in point: Problem Child, her stand-up special from 2010. Big Les goes FULL OUT with her takes on girl squads, good dick, being super tall, and way way more. So please enjoy this throwback clip, in which she describes your 4 best friends and you with deadly accuracy.

The Kween Wiig Playlist

How do we express our love for Kristen Wiig. She’s like a rainbow wrapped in taffy and rolled in the funniest effing impressions anyone has ever done. Her comedic talent is ridiculous, and in the last couple of years she’s been just killing it in dramatic roles too.

In honor of our Renaissance woman and #1 funny boo, we created this playlist of some of her greatest moments. We got movies, we got interviews, we got SNL, and we got some very weird sketches from early in her career. You’re welcome, world.

J Law Is Our Everything

Is Jennifer Lawrence a real person, or is she a perfect robot engineered in a lab to make us love her? WE’LL NEVER KNOW.

Either way, she’s a damn national treasure and we can’t get enough of that J Law stuff. This playlist has some of our fave moments from our dorky kween, including interviews and sketches and lots of random dancing. What more could you want in this world?


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