We’re In Love With The Comedy Jam

Formerly known as the Goddamn Comedy Jam (but don’t worry, they took the swears out) ((jk no they didn’t)), this Comedy Central series has everything we like in it. Comedians get paired up with rock stars, and take to the stage to belt out their fave hits. But in a funny way though! And the best possible episode to start with is this little tune from hilarious stand-up Fortune Feimster and super star Dixie Chick Natalie Maines. Boy byyyeeee!

The Yaas Kween 90’s Jam We Need Right Now

If you’re a kween, let us hear you say ‘YAAASSS’! We can’t hear you through the computer but we’re gonna assume lots of you just screamed yaass at work. Well good! Because the world needs to know that you’re a lady monarch, just like the world needs to hear this magnificent 90’s inspired ballad from the dope broads of Pure and Weary, Katherine and Leah. Thank you for blessing us with this inspiring party anthem, you aggro little angels.

Haters Beware, Miranda Has A TV Show Now

Miranda Sings is one of the internet’s greatest creations. She’s the high-strung, self-confident, talentless creation of the very talented Colleen Ballinger, and she’s been living on Youtube for years now. And now she has her own Netflix show! Starting today, you can watch Miranda on the big(ger) screen as she sings, dances, and sasses her way to stardom. Yay for weirdos everywhere!

We All Need More Margaret Cho

Ask us how much we love Margaret Cho. GO AHEAD ASK US. We love her so much, we just had to make a whole playlist of some of our favorite moments of Cho-ness.

She inspires us because she’s a brilliant comedian, a great actor, a badass activist, an outspoken feminist, and an important mentor for Asian-American comics and creative women. She brought conversations about mental health into the mainstream and she’s been a trailblazer all her career.  Also, she’s so god-damn funny it hurts. So snuggle up and enjoy spending a lil time with Queen Margaret.

Registering To Vote Is Easier Than Doing Eyeliner

ARE YOU REGISTERED TO VOTE YET?? Sorry to yell at you, we didn’t mean to scare you. It’s just that this is a really really important election, and if you’re in a swing state you have a whole bunch of power over who’s going to be the president. Isn’t that super dope?

Anyhoo, Akilah Hughes made a hilar video that takes exactly as long to watch as it would take you to register to vote. And let’s be real, if you’re on this site you have enough time to register. Young lady, you better help clean up this mess*!


*(the mess is America)