This Is The Story – All The News You Actually Need

You might have heard a little bit about our Women In Comedy initiative. We paired up with YouTube spaces all over the world to give creative women a chance to make awesome comedy with a professional crew. And that’s pretty cool and all. But THEN, we got those cool women from all over the world together for the first Global Edition of our new series This Is The Story. Our hilarious ‘reporters’ are presenting real global news stories with a feminist comedic twist, hosted by one of our favorite news anchors of all time, Jessie Jolles.

Funny Ladies Of The Week: Soren And Jolles

Tracy Soren and Jessie Jolles are everything we want to be when we grow up. They make hilarious comedy, they’re getting love from everyone – we’re talking  TIMEThe Huffington PostHelloGiggles, Cosmopolitan, Funny or Die,  Elite Daily, and a million more – and they’re best friends on top of it all. We’re more or less obsessed with the two writers/actors/directors/ballers, which is why we asked them to be our featured creators of the week. So watch this playlist of a few of their greatest hits, and keep an eye out because they’ll be taking over our Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook Live a little later this week.