You Know What Might Help? Yelling At A White Man.

Basic healthcare rights are in danger. The climate is about to take a serious hit. And we can’t help noticing that in every picture of The Donald signing a bogus executive order, there’s no one in the room but white men. YET AGAIN white men are trying to take everything good away. So why not take advantage of the brilliant new service from Cursed Champagne productions, and Yell At A White Man!!

Let A Straight White Man Explain Why Your Feelings Are Wrong

For the last couple weeks, we’ve been asking ourselves a lot of troubling questions. Are our rights gonna get stepped on, are we or our friends gonna get deported or added to some psycho ‘list’? WTF was Mike Pence even doing at Hamilton in the first place? But now that we’ve been given the gift of Straight White Men ™ all our fears have been put to rest! We didn’t realize that we should just stop feeling those feelings! Thanks for setting us straight, TomCat Comedy!