This Is The Story – All The News You Actually Need

You might have heard a little bit about our Women In Comedy initiative. We paired up with YouTube spaces all over the world to give creative women a chance to make awesome comedy with a professional crew. And that’s pretty cool and all. But THEN, we got those cool women from all over the world together for the first Global Edition of our new series This Is The Story. Our hilarious ‘reporters’ are presenting real global news stories with a feminist comedic twist, hosted by one of our favorite news anchors of all time, Jessie Jolles.

Gloria Steinem Infiltrates Playboy

The Drunk History hits just keep coming. Our favorite new story is from Katie Nolan, comedy sports commentator and officially one of the funniest weirdos alive. And guess who plays slightly problematic feminist hero Gloria Steinem? Abbi Friggin Jacobson, that’s who! She and Jane Krakowski are a dynamic duo and frankly this tale would make a great tv series all on its own.

Tight 5: It’s Britney’s Instagram, B*tch

We’re celebrating President’s Day Weekend the only way we know how, by talking about our new favorite things in the comedy world! Alex Lynn Ward walks us through the newest and best comedy from women this week, including a brony-licious web series, a hilarious therapy sketch, a kickass all-lady improv team, and the Instagram account of one Britney Jean Spears.

Web Series:

Just Treat Nazis Like You Treat Women!

Gosh do we love Jena Friedman. And this stand-up set from Conan is honestly wall-to-wall incredible jokes. Whether she’s covering scary businessmen, groping, how men can cope with all this Time’s Up madness, or of course Nazis, Jena kills it. She may be half man, but she still manages to be allllll fire.

Clare O’Kane Is A Woman

Here’s the thing. Women are strong and powerful moon goddesses with hearts full of light and bravery. But let’s be real, we’re also mostly short as shit.

Clare O’Kane, hilarious comedian and truth teller, makes the helpful point in this standup set that a fight where one person is half the size of the other is prob not a fair fight. She also makes us laugh a lot. Gigglin’ and thinkin’, what more could you want from your day???

Ladies, Learn To Smyle

Sometimes morons are like ‘why are women so upset about men telling them to smile, we’re just being friendly’. Those are p much the only times we ever consider homicide.

But for those moments when you just have to put up and shut up for the patriarchy, there’s a new product on shelves that you’re just gonna love! Writer Jen McCartney brings us Smyle ™ – the pill that’ll keep you compliant and pretty, so men never have to feel uncomfortable or even consider other people’s feelings.