These Jokes Are Not For Straight White Dudes

Truly one of our favorite late night segments is back, with some hot hot takes from dope dope women. Amber and Jenny do the jokes that no straight white late night host could tell, and this time they take on Birkenstock beds, rampaging cops, and dumb stupid congress. It’s divine.

Melissa Villaseñor Is Joining The SNL Crew. Fiiiiinally.

If you’re not already a fan of Melissa Villaseñor, prepare to lose your damn mind over her. She’s a stand-up comedian, an impressionist, and a funny as hell actor. And she’s about to join the amazing women of SNL for the 42nd season.

In honor of the chameleon queen, we present one of our favorite episodes from her series Daily Itineraries. You know this is exactly what Owen Wilson’s day is like, don’t lie.

The Forbidden Love Between A Woman And Her Cheeseburger

You know how everyone has that one ex they just can’t get over? The one that if he showed up in your life one random day you’d be like ‘ugh leave’ but you’d also be like ‘ugh stay tho’?

Funny angel Nina Concepcion has that ex. But he’s not a normal fuccboi. He’s a little… cheesier.