We Need Abbi & Ilana Back In Our Lives

Waiting for Broad City season 4 to drop is agonizing. And honestly? We need Abby and Ilana now more than ever. So while we burn one (candle, of course) and wait for them to come back, we’ll be re-watching this weird mini movie with the Broad City babes and Amy and Tina. Then we’ll prob re-watch Sisters. Then seasons 1-3 of Broad City. Then we’ll take a nap.

Really Important Questions With Megan Mackay: Who’s On Your Volleyball Team

How many millions of viewers do you think Celebrity Beach Volleyball would have as a show? All the millions? Megan Mackay is back in this edition of Really Important Questions, and we asked a hard hitting (heheheh) question about who would be her volleyball teammate and who they would face. ‘I wanna win’ – preach, girl.