The Funniest Tweets Of The Week

You feeling weird?

Yeah, us too. But in case you’re ready for a lil break, here are some dank tweets to make you giggle and make you think.



Gonna do some hip-openers to get this rage out of our woman parts.


Now that’s a hat we could really get behi-ohgodwereallgonnadie



What a fuckin’ champ.


Who knew this was a thing we’d learn to appreciate???




But the torah portion… is a meme?!?


‘Oh I just left my jacket JK DOOR’S LOCKED NOW LOSER’


Read this to your kid if you want them to cry all night and also forever.


You can bedazzle wine glasses all day if you want to Betsy, c’mon.


Go out on the porch with all the cool kids at the party and just peel one.


Literally how is anyone expected to go anywhere ever again.


Turns out they were the lucky ones.


You Know You Want Some WhoHaha Swag

Our Badass shirts and hats and mugs pretty much flew off the shelves, you guys. Digitally speaking, of course. So naturally we realized that the people needed us to create a new line of WhoHaha-exclusive swag. It’s a public service we do for you. We’re basically saints.

Anyhoo, we’re very excited to introduce you to the new broads on the block, and to give you some tips on where to take them and why to get them.


What: Adorable pins that say things like ‘dope’ and ‘badass’ and ‘make your own sandwich’.

Where: On your jacket, on your backpack, on a yacht cruising off into the sunset.

Why: Because pins are in, and being funny is timeless.



What: A unisex tee that comes in white and grey and lets the whole damn street know you’re funny af.

Where: To the farmers market, to an open mic, on a second date, to the bar, to lounge on the couch and watch 30 Rock reruns.

Why: Because sometimes these fools need to know that you’re funny as fuck before you even open your mouth, dawg.



What: A ceramic mug that comes in black and white, and invites the haters to make their own damn tuna melt.

Where: At the office, at home, at your new boo’s apartment, on the International Space Station, next to a sandwich.

Why: Because it’s 2016 and dudes still think it’s hilarious to tell a woman to make them a sammie. They’re not funny. You are.



What: Turbo-comfy sweatshirt and t-shirt that say DOPE in cute little letters.

Where: On a road trip, to the dentists, to the dispensary, to your parents house.

Why: Because you’re dope, duh.



Melissa Villaseñor Is Joining The SNL Crew. Fiiiiinally.

If you’re not already a fan of Melissa Villaseñor, prepare to lose your damn mind over her. She’s a stand-up comedian, an impressionist, and a funny as hell actor. And she’s about to join the amazing women of SNL for the 42nd season.

In honor of the chameleon queen, we present one of our favorite episodes from her series Daily Itineraries. You know this is exactly what Owen Wilson’s day is like, don’t lie.

The “Party Over Here” Trailer Has Arrived & It Looks Hilarious

To say we’re stoked for FOX’s new late night sketch comedy show is an understatement. We cannot WAIT! If you’re fans of The Lonely Island (Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, and Jorma Taccone), then it is time to get hype, because the trio of funny dudes are the producers of the show.

We’re so excited to watch the 3 leading ladies – comedians Nicole Byer, Jessica McKenna and Alison Rich. A late night sketch comedy show and the main cast is all women?! UM, YES PLEASE.