These Resolutions Will Really Speak To You

What’s your new years resolution? It is to be even more of a badass bish and to support even more women in comedy? OMG WHAT that’s ours too!!! But our friends over at Pure & Weary (aka Katherine Biskupic & Leah Frires) have a lot of resolutions that we also strongly agree with. Like eating more green peppers! And throwing more pregnancy tests in the air! It’s gonna be a great year.

The Funniest Damn Tweets of the Week


Let’s toast to the weekend with some fresh n’ funny 140 character jokes.


They’re writing for a comedy website and don’t want their editor to get mad?


Please let Greek-core become a thing, please Fashion Gods, pleeeeaaaase.


Hahaha we all have that one friend, right??!?!?!?!?!?


~Wishful thinking~


You are why I have attachment issues, Debbie!!!


This is some NEXT LEVEL SHIT damn girl.


Oh why don’t we all just buy furniture that isn’t second hand and covered in cat hair while we’re at it, Richy McMillions??


No. NO!


I’m just so so busy. *naps*


Haiku Hot Take


Lord help you bb.


Heyyyyyy Twitter? You gotta be better ok?


Ok, shut it down, this is the best news joke that will ever be made, bye bye now.