Women Slayed SNL This Season

Was this the best season of Saturday Night Live ever? But like… was it though??? The writing has been topical and hilarious, the production values are better than most actual movies, but above all the women in the cast have been blowing us the frick away with every single episode.

We’re all still reeling over the news that Vanessa Bayer and Sasheer Zamata are leaving the cast. But now’s the perfect time to celebrate all that they brought to the show. Thank you, queens!

Abuela’s Inauguration Would Be So Good

By now pretty much everyone agrees that tomorrow’s inauguration is gonna be a joke. But not the funny kind. What IS funny is the amazing comedian Jenny Lorenzo’s Abuela impression. This grandma has a sound plan for America, a strong commitment to domestic security and affordable healthcare, and she’s a dead shot with a chancleta. One thing’s for sure, her inauguration would be a serious party. Props to We Are Mitú for showing us a president we can believe in.

The Week’s Funniest Tweets (New Years Edish)

We made it! 2016 is basically over!

With just 24 hours left of this insane year, can we suggest letting these tweets carry you away on a gentle tidal wave of laughter. Mmmmm, comedy feels good, huh?

















A Creepy Christmas Lunch

Just like a Lifetime Christmas special, this amazing short from Beth Hoyt has it all. Family, drama, mystery, violence, terror, sexual tension, sandwiches, cars, lunch, sunshine, horror. It’s a true roller-coaster ride.

Damn, and now we’re hungry for subs.