Introducing The New Amazon Abuela!

Sure, it’s nice when Amazon’s Alexa tells you the exact temperature, or reminds you what you have to do that day. But wouldn’t it be even better if it also yelled at you to put on a sweater and insisted that you buy a present for your 3rd grade teacher’s grand-nephew? Jenny Lorenzo’s beloved character Abuela is back, and saltier than ever.

Abuela’s Inauguration Would Be So Good

By now pretty much everyone agrees that tomorrow’s inauguration is gonna be a joke. But not the funny kind. What IS funny is the amazing comedian Jenny Lorenzo’s Abuela impression. This grandma has a sound plan for America, a strong commitment to domestic security and affordable healthcare, and she’s a dead shot with a chancleta. One thing’s for sure, her inauguration would be a serious party. Props to We Are Mitú for showing us a president we can believe in.