Weekly Roundup Of The Funniest F*cking Tweets

Elizabeth Banks' Whohaha-Hillary Clinton

IT’S FRIDAY Y’ALL. The turn up is real. Get ready for the weekend by laughing your ass off at these LOL worthy tweets. Happy Friday!


Yep, we’re into this idea.

Extra protein, right?

Seriously though.

Real talk.

All about them checks and balances.

YAS, please!

Tears on our face.

Ham > everything else.

We can’t even keep it together with this tweet.

This would be the absolute best.

Yes, that filter DEFINITELY makes you look not smart.

Nothing is more inspirational than a national tragedy?

*Leaves political comment on crazy uncle’s Facebook status* *Lurks quietly away* *Watches gleefully as chaos unfolds in a very Mr. Burns-esque style*

May we all have the confidence of LeBron James.

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