The SAG Awards Made Us Feel Again

What a night! The dresses, the glamour, the hardcore political activism. Why lie, we laugh/cried all the way through the Screen Actors Guild awards this weekend. And since some of our favorite funny women were winners, we celebrated pretty freakin hard.

For starters, there’s JLD winning best female actor in a comedy. Damn, she’s just a perfect person. Hilarious in everything, passionate about what she believes in, and so charming we’d prob clap for anything she said. But yeah especially for this speech.


Then after the laughter comes the TEARS!!! The whole Hidden Figures cast is golden and glorious, and the speech from Taraji made us feel like the world is getting better. Janelle in this clip is just all of us.


Of course Emma Stone was cute as a lil (mega talented) button, and her speech made us giggle big time. ‘Please wrap it up’? Nah just talk forever boo!


Orange Is The New Black won for the THIRD YEAR IN A ROW for best ensemble cast, so we feel like at this point can we just take it as granted that they deserve all the awards? We’re framing a still from this speech and keeping it as inspiration forever. Damn.


And if you thought we weren’t gonna end on Queen Lily, well you’re out of your dang mind. She’s been in showbiz since 1965, and she’s honestly one of the greatest comedic actors of all time. We probably wouldn’t be a website without Lily Tomlin, and we all owe her big time. You flip that statue, mama.

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