When Ancestry.com Goes So So Wrong

When you sign up for Ancestry.com you think it’s gonna be all fun and games. You’re probably expecting ‘Oh look, I’m actually 3% French! Well bonjour to that!’ But have you considered the consequences of finding out that you’re not hella white in the current backwards racist-ass political climate? Well our buds over at The Hot Goss considered just that possibility, and turns out it’s bleak and funny af.

2016 Gave Us Some Truly Terrible Presents

Did you get good presents this year?!? Oh, it was mostly jewelry for 13 year olds and dusty lotions? Sorry bb. But trust, no terrible presents can compare to the ones that 2016 gave us. From dead celebs to broken dreams for our democracy, this year was a real grinch with the gifts. The ladies of Ginblo take down this dreadful 12 months in their new sketch, and they’re so funny that they make it all seem a little more bearable somehow. Thanks, Laura and Jamie ?

How To Beat The Awkward Holiday Pauses

Ah, the joys of family. Cooking, laughing, talking about… oh shit. What are we going to talk about? Can’t do politics, can’t do personal life, 100% for sure can not do current affairs. Luckily for you and your low key racist extended family, the ladies of Moll&Rell created a guide to filling the dead air created during awkward holiday pauses.

This bad boy features the talents of Arielle Siegel, Molly Anne Coogan, Mallory Portnoy, Genesis Oliver, Alex Grubbs, and Matt Ziegel with Chris Metcalfe behind the camera.

The Most Important Thing To Check When Buying A Car

There’s a lotta mystery involved in buying a used car. How new is the battery, has it been in any accidents, who’s been driving that sex machine straight to bone town? Luckily Mallory Arkin has the solution! CarFux will show you all the nasty acts that have ever been performed in a car. Do we even need to tell you that this is NSFW?

TBT – Whoopi’s Talk Show Was So 90’s and So Good

We could prob guess your age based on whether you know Whoopi Goldberg from Sister Act, Star Trek, The Color Purple, or The View. But we won’t, because this isn’t that kinda site.

A lot of people forget, though, that Whoopi had a talk show in the 90’s, and had some of the most amazing women in showbiz as guests, including the hilarious Joan Rivers. It got real poignant. The footage is super raw, but the conversation is worth it.