All Aboard, Bishes!

The trailer for the new Magic School Bus reboot is here and frankly we are stoked. Ms Frizzle is back (but as Professor Frizzle) and she brought her badass younger sister. And the whole thing looks like a magical scientific feminist paradise. Sure, some nerds are like ‘but the animation’. To that we say ‘BUT LILY TOMLIN AND KATE MCKINNON, CASE CLOSED IDIOTS’. Watch, learn, and enjoy y’all.

This Week’s Very Good Tweets

You know what time it is…


But quick, before you’re too Tempranillo tipsy to get jokes – read all these hilarious tweets by hella dope women.






























So Hangry…

No one is their best self when they’re hungry. But when you reach the level of hangry, everyone in a 40 mile radius better watch OUT. This hangriness anthem is maybe too relatable, and now we’re worried creator Jacqueline Pereda somehow got in our brains. We’ve definitely sexy-crawled over to a bucket of fried chicken before.

Ladies, Lean In To That Office Holiday Party!

Ah, work holiday parties. The awkward small talk, the mediocre snacks, the relentless goddamn flirting. Something about the frost in the air makes male co-workers think now is the time to give you a ‘friendly’ massage or ask what kind of sex stuff you and your boyfriend are in to. Fortunately the Lean In Ladies made this guide to avoiding unwanted advances during office holiday parties. Remember, meat is your friend!

We Need Abbi & Ilana Back In Our Lives

Waiting for Broad City season 4 to drop is agonizing. And honestly? We need Abby and Ilana now more than ever. So while we burn one (candle, of course) and wait for them to come back, we’ll be re-watching this weird mini movie with the Broad City babes and Amy and Tina. Then we’ll prob re-watch Sisters. Then seasons 1-3 of Broad City. Then we’ll take a nap.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2 Is Almost Here!!

Let’s celebrate our favorite rom-com tv musical by blasting this magnificent new jam out of our computer speakers for all to hear!! Rebecca Bunch and the gang come back to your screens on Friday night, so they just released this little musical trailer for season 2 and it’s giving us abstract-symbolism-heavy LIFE. Can’t wait for this sexy fashion cactus to be back in action every week.

Hilarity via EW