Where The Eff Are The Tampons??

What’s up with tampons being impossible to find? When you stumble into the grocery store at 11pm, bloody and pissed, those babies should be right up front with the candy bars and Crock Pot Cooking magazines. But in real life, as in this sketch from Chelsea Frei and co-starring Noam Tomaschoff and Constantine Malahias, they get hidden away by the dumb pharmacy stock bros. Can’t you just let us bleed in peace?!?

Ask A Girl: The Potty Posse

In this episode of Ask A Girl, Elizabeth Banks gets down to business. Bathroom business, that is. In answer to the question ‘why do women always go to the bathroom in packs’, Banks spills all our secrets. We’d be mad at her for revealing that we all go to gossip and share togetherness time, but she’s just so dang funny that we can’t get irked.

Let’s All Do A Bed Seven With Molly Shannon

Can you think of a better day than hanging out in a hotel room, ordering room service, and not talking to anyone? If you said yes, you’re a damn liar.

The only thing that could possibly make it better is also getting to hang out with Molly Shannon, queen of physical comedy and our hearts. Guess we’ll have to settle for seeing her new movie Other People in theatres.


Woman Crush Wednesday: Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell is the cutest damn angel in the world. We love her because she’s hilarious, but also because she seems like she’d be crazy fun to hang out with. And now from making this tribute vid, we know she’d also be way fun to go dancing with.

When Your Bestie Thinks She’s Latina

We all know a white girl. Some of us even are white girls! And if there’s one thing white girls love, it’s coming back from other countries, like, totally different now.

The geniuses over at Flama (including one of our faves, Karla Solarte) wrote this dead-on sketch about that one friend who spends two weeks in Coloooooooooombia and is suddenly a dedicated Latina.