Scary Feminist Campfire Tales

Be warned – these stories are verrrrry scary. Almost as scary as going on a first date with a man and not knowing if he might be a murderer! Or waiting alone for the bus at night! Or just basically being a woman always and everywhere! SO SCARY!

Honestly this sketch is everything to us, and it’s even more special knowing that it was made by an extremely dope all woman crew including writer Sydney Steinberg and director Brea Grant. Goddess bless all these spooky geniuses.

Weekly Roundup Of The Funniest Tweets

Whether you’re snowed under or sweating out the drought, we know you need some tasty tweets to make it through the weekend. In fact, you deserve great tweets every week. Why? Because you’re great.

Ok, enjoy!


Also v chill that the answer is usually ‘yes’!


Except that now we’re all witches so at least there’s that.


“Idk like be more evil somehow??” – Shkreli to his empty house




God damn so true. And also comment on how on-topic the piano songs are.


Finally, a show for the fellas!


Nah girl you’re good.


Yeah, tweets like ‘you’re garbage’ and ‘no one respects you’ and that one tweet of his face looking extra stupid. Be a shame if everyone reading this right now tweeted those things.


Aka self-care.


It’s a matter of principle!


Boy bye!*

*Time is the boy.


We’d watch the hell out of that with a glass of rosé.




10/10 for this perfect tweet.


And just like the Avengers, we gotta build better armor and recruit some cool sassy teens to the cause.

Curing Womanhood Is Easier Than You’d Think!

Y’know, for all the rah rah goddess you go girl gyno-positive stuff out there, it still sucks to be a woman a lot of the time. It’s still a man’s world, and lots of men don’t love taking women seriously. But there’s good news, ladies! A new product just hit the market that’ll help you feel safe in public places, be heard at work, and be respected by the men in your life. This is our time, ladies!

Can’t Disguise Those Hungry Thighs

It happens to all of us. One minute, you’re a happy, well-adjusted adult woman. The next, your inner thighs are squishing out of your jeans like unbaked croissants.

Luckily our girl Nicole Blume is spreading awareness of this chronic condition that affects 100% of women, and opening our eyes to the dangers of Hungry Thighs.