Curing Womanhood Is Easier Than You’d Think!

Y’know, for all the rah rah goddess you go girl gyno-positive stuff out there, it still sucks to be a woman a lot of the time. It’s still a man’s world, and lots of men don’t love taking women seriously. But there’s good news, ladies! A new product just hit the market that’ll help you feel safe in public places, be heard at work, and be respected by the men in your life. This is our time, ladies!

Melissa Villaseñor Is Joining The SNL Crew. Fiiiiinally.

If you’re not already a fan of Melissa Villaseñor, prepare to lose your damn mind over her. She’s a stand-up comedian, an impressionist, and a funny as hell actor. And she’s about to join the amazing women of SNL for the 42nd season.

In honor of the chameleon queen, we present one of our favorite episodes from her series Daily Itineraries. You know this is exactly what Owen Wilson’s day is like, don’t lie.

The Summer Jam For Servers – Can I Get A Box?

Never have the struggles of a server been so friggin catchy. From the sparkling psycho diamond mind of Joy Brooker, we bring you the summer banger that anyone who’s ever waited tables can relate to.

There is no kale salad on earth filling enough to justify a box. Just put your fork down and walk away. Thenk yeewwwww.

7 Kick-Ass Gifs For When You’re Really Truly Pissed Off

Sometimes life will just piss you right off. Whether it’s caused by one thoughtless co­worker, or a city full of sexist jerks, we all need an outlet for our anger.

So from our hearts to yours, here are some rage­-filled gifs from a movie where a little girl straight up murders people. Enjoy!!


1. When you’re ready to defend your honor from cat­callers.


2. When they ship your dress in the wrong size.


3. When the patriarchy is getting you down.


4. When you’re furious but your hair is still on point.


5. When people are getting judgy in the club, but you and your bestie don’t even care.


6. When some rude teens cut you in line.


7. When the sunset is bomb, but your anger is strong.



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