The Truth About La La Land

So La La Land is up for pretty much every Oscar, because there’s nothing LA likes better than movies about LA. And that’s chill and all. But what about actual people in the industry – what do all the actors and directors and singers think about it? Luckily for us, writer and director Aysha Wax tracked down some real live industry people to answer that very question.

Yesssss: More Jokes Seth Can’t Tell

Kwanzaa! Lesbian nuns! Black Santa! Just a few of the very funny subjects that straight white guys don’t really need to tell us their opinion on. We truly can not get enough of this segment where Amber Ruffin and Jenny Hagel come on Late Night to tell the jokes that Seth Meyers isn’t allowed to. It’s probably our favorite 4 minutes of late night tv every single time it’s on.