The Trailer For ‘Ibiza’ Is Everything

EVERYTHING!!!! We truly cannot wait to see this movie. Ibiza tells the age old story of girl meets boy, boy is famous DJ, girls best friends pressure her into following him to Ibiza to party and smash, then Vanessa Bayer gets bird shit in her mouth. We might have kind of lost track of the saying there, but the point stands that this movie looks funny as hell and we will definitely be planning a girls night to watch it.

Vanessa Bayer and Kate McKinnon Are Too Damn Cute

Did you know that today was the day you were going to see a precious Newlywed Game-style interview with Kate and Vanessa? And that they were going to cuddle and hug the whole time? Unless you work for Wired the answer is prob no. But even though we were unprepared for the cuteness, this interview was everything and more to us and we loved it. Also our girl Banks gets a very cute shoutout and honestly we agree with the random Google searchers, they could def be related.

Bet Your Flight Home Is Better Than This One

There’s not much as purely funny in this crazy ol’ world as watching Vanessa Bayer fall out a plane door.  Dang, it’s funny. Anyway, hope your flights and train and bus rides home are cozy and comfy. And if you’re staying in town and doing a Friendsgiving/Selfsgiving, hope the hangover isn’t too rough. ???