Surprise! It’s Your Period!

Ah, the miracle of menstruation. It shows up whenever it wants, bringing floods of blood and metaphorical locust rains of cramps. And the fun part is that it’s almost always a complete surprise when it starts. At least now all us period-havers have a fun bop to hum whenever our periods surprise us in the middle of a rafting trip or job interview or, y’know, sex.

Featuring the talents of: KK Apple, Arya Govil, Jenny Gorelick, Stacy Hayashi, Addie Weyrich, Ann Marie Yoo, Anya Volz, Bethany Nicole Taylor, Brittany Lee MacDonald, Ginny Sanborn, Izzy Stanish, Lani Harms, Lauren Clark, Lili Michelle, Raquel Palmas, Emmett Walsh, Jon Bershad