Let Stinger Take The ??? Out Of Online Dating

Hoo boy, online dating. The thing is, you never really know who you’re meeting at the local TGI Friday’s. They could be a great person with a cute dog, or a horrifying garbage monster. If only this sketch from the geniuses of Margarita Wilson were real, and Stinger were an actual app. Cuz something that filtered out the men who’ve been convicted of sexual assault would be REALLY REALLY NICE.

Female Viagra Is Here! And Of Course, It Blows.

Did you know that there’s already a lil pill on the market that they’re calling the female Viagra? It’s just like male Viagra! Except that it doesn’t work, makes you miserable, and is way more of a hassle to use. Y’know, like most products aimed at women. The dope dames of UCB sketch team Sancho created this way-too-honest drug ad about how pharma markets to women. And it ain’t pretty.

How To Talk To A Woman Who’s Wearing Headphones

Good news, ladies! WE SAID GOOD NEWS LADIES! Now there’s a way to get those pesky headphones out so you can hear every single catcall and come-on, no matter where you are!

Honest Monster did it again, with this crazy hilarious, super topical sketch about how to get hit on even more often. Lucky us!

Rio Real Talk: So Much Sexism

The Rio Olympics are in the rearview here in the US. But like a Tinder dude who can’t take a hint, sexism just keeps popping up!

The geniuses of Those Girls bring us the perfect recap of the games. Looks like the TLDR is lots of women athletes kicking ass, and lots of male commentators winning gold in putting their feet in their dumb mouths.