A Kindergarten Teacher Explains Online Dating

We wish Ms Jessie had been our kindergarten teacher. Maybe if she had we would know better than to waste all this time trying to impress losers on Coffee Meets Bagel. Comedy angels Tracy Soren and Jessie Jolles strike again with their series A Kindergarten Teacher Explains, and honestly between the cute kids and the perfect jokes it’s becoming our favorite part of the week. Don’t forget to check out episodes one and two!

A Pretty Princess Makeup Vlog!

Being a princess is every little girl’s dream! The fancy dresses, the power, the constant cholera and lead poisoning. Oh what’s that, you didn’t know that in the days of princesses they used to powder their faces with lead and drink poop water? This magical princess vlog from Emily Clouse gets a little too real about the monarchy.

It’s Finally Men’s History Month! (Jk It Always Is)

Gosh, it’s hard to be a white dude these days! You’re only making 30-50% more money than your female colleagues, you might actually get 6 whole months in prison for sexual assault. Life can feel unfair! But the very masculine dudely dudes of Buzz Off Lucille are here to let you know that actually it gets better for people who aren’t marginalized by society too!

Veep Season 6 Is Almost Here!

Selina Meyer is back and no longer president and filthier than ever and we are SO excited. Season 6 of Veep is mere weeks away, and President Meyer is trying to figure out what to do when one is un-presidented. Travel? Write a book? Destroy everyone’s lives in a ploy for fame? Whatever it is, we’re gonna be watching with glee. Meanwhile enjoy this excellent and nipple-filled trailer.